The Steakhouse Jardins Grill, in order to maintain the best quality of the dishes, is supervised by a team of nutritionists, who strictly control the conservation, handling and the whole process of preparing the food, to maintain its flavor and better use of nutrients.
In case of questions or requests for special menus, just send us an email to our team of nutritionists will contact you.
ATTENTION: due to the current situation, all pasta, meat and special salads will be served at the table.

Special Courts*
Picanha Grelhada | Red Angus | Prime Rib | Chorizo | Mignon na Mostarda e Mel
*Prepared with special care. For this reason must be requested from the manager.
Saturdays and Sundays at lunch
Picanha Jardins (Exclusive)
Red Angus Australiano | Picanha Alho e Óleo | Filet Argentino | Picanha Nobre | Picanha | Alcatra | Costela | Filé Mignon | Maminha com Queijo | Fraldinha na Mostarda | Fraldinha no Sal | Cupim
Lombo com Bacon | Costela de Porco | Linguicinha Toscana | Linguicinha Apimentada | Javali
Paleta de Cordeiro | Costelinha de Cordeiro | Carré de Cordeiro | Kafta
Coração | Asinha de Faisão | Coxinha de Faisão | Peru com Bacon

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