The Steakhouse Jardins Grill, in order to maintain the best quality of the dishes, is supervised by a team of nutritionists, who strictly control the conservation, handling and the whole process of preparing the food, to maintain its flavor and better use of nutrients.

Special Courts*
Picanha Grelhada | Red Angus | Prime Rib | Chorizo | Mignon na Mostarda e Mel
*Prepared with special care. For this reason must be requested from the manager.
Saturdays and Sundays at lunch
Picanha Jardins (Exclusive)
Red Angus Australiano | Picanha Alho e Óleo | Filet Argentino | Picanha Nobre | Picanha | Alcatra | Costela | Filé Mignon | Maminha com Queijo | Fraldinha na Mostarda | Fraldinha no Sal | Cupim
Lombo com Bacon | Costela de Porco | Linguicinha Toscana | Linguicinha Apimentada | Javali
Paleta de Cordeiro | Costelinha de Cordeiro | Carré de Cordeiro | Kafta
Coração | Asinha de Faisão | Coxinha de Faisão | Peru com Bacon

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