Carvery of meats and pastas, buffet of salads, antipasti, sushis and sashimis at will.


Tuesday to Friday: R$ 84,90 /person
Saturdays and Sundays: R$ 88,90 /person

Tuesday to Saturday: R$ 82,90 /person
Promotion Couple Dinner / Tuesday to Saturday: R$ 149,90 /couple

- Prices subject to change without notice.
- For holidays or celebrations, consult schedules and values via phone.
- Jardins Grill does NOT charge 10% (service).
- Children under 5 years old do not pay. From 6 to 9 years old pay half a meal.
- On special dates and holidays, normal and promotional values may change. See special values for reservations.
- Request advance booking, limit of 150 people per day.
- We do not accept checks.
- We do not accept paper vouchers, only cards.
- We do not accept food vouchers.
- We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards and meal vouchers from the indicated flags:
- Prices not valid for December. December prices, please consult by phone or email.
Gift Card
Surprise, gift with a GIFT CARD!
Gift with our gift cards: a great choice to please those who like the best meats and pastas. Contact us and see the available value options.
Note: The GIFT CARD is only sold personally.

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