About Us
Albino Ongaratto and Dona Vilma created besides the carvery, solid family bases blended with tradition and innovation, resulting in an excellent personalized and friendly service, reflecting the philosophy of the Jardins Grill that today is administered - with great pride - by its third generation. The house, which was born with a tradition of more than 40 years, serves one of the best steak rolls in Brazil and a complete buffet of salads and garnishes. It also has a "sushiman" to prepare the best of Japanese cuisine according to the will of the "customer", in addition, of course, the tasty seafood options.

The meats are prepared and served with the highest gastronomic standards. The buffet of salads, hot dishes, cold cuts and trims has about 30 options, all with selected ingredients, accompanied by exclusive spices and sauces.
Thinking about serving more quality and variety, Jardins Grill also serves different types of pasta with funghi sauces and exclusive recipes.

The Churrascaria Jardins Grill was pointed by the Gazeta do Povo newspaper (Bom Gourmet) among the 10 best steakhouses in Brazil.

Our commitment is to provide our customers with a true gastronomic experience, with the best in dishes, drinks, desserts and of course, with the best service in the city. This is commitment to the customer and to quality, this is Jardins Grill!
'Rodízio Style' History
The history of the restaurant in caster system blends in with the history of the Ongaratto Family.

According to the São Paulo Association of Steakhouses ACHUESP (Associação das Churrascarias de São Paulo), the most accepted version on the birth of the Meat carvery happened in the middle of the 60s, at the Jacupiranga Steakhouse, led by Albino Ongaratto, creator of Jardins Grill, in Registro city, in São Paulo, Brazil.
Legend has it that one day an embarrassed waiter began to change dishes from several tables, and anyone who had ordered galeto got ribs, the filet came in the place of the sausage and the confusion was already widespread with all the customers wanting to "get it by the collar", when Albino Ongaratto, to solve the situation, began to serve all dishes to all tables.

What used to be confusion, became joy and Brazil gained its own service system that took over the country and today is known and appreciated internationally.
Quality, Innovation and Sustainability
Jardins Grill accompanies and demands from its suppliers the highest quality, from the process of transportation to the time of delivery. All food upon arrival at the Jardins Grill receives the conference of its temperature and quality.
Solid Waste Management Program - PGRS
Jardins Grill is concerned with reducing environmental impacts through the reduction of organic waste generated and the proper referral of recyclables, collaborating with the preservation of natural resources and raw materials.
Smoke Filtering System
In order to avoid contamination of the air, Jardins Grill uses a unique system of "washing" and filtering of the smoke so that when released into the environment it is devoid of residues.
Innovative Processes
Internal Water Filtration System
Jardins Grill cares about the material used in food handling. The process of filtration of water begins with the dosage of chlorine for the oxidation of iron manganese and organic matter. After this step the water passes to the homogenization system and goes to the filtration (filters made of carbon steel).
Filter 01: Microfiltration system.
Filters 02 and 03: Decrease in water hardness 'calcium and magnesium' / purification.

After the process, the water is distributed to the water boxes, resulting in purer water for the preparation of food, according to ANVISA standards under Ordinance No. 518, dated March 25, 2004, which establishes the procedures and responsibilities related to the control and monitoring of water quality and its drinking water standard. The filters used in Jardins Grill are made of carbon steel coated in epoxy.
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